As a young Nigerian I grew tired of the negative, inaccurate, and biased portrayals Western media showed of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The media would have people believe we are an uneducated, uncivilized, undeveloped nation. We can sit around and complain about the unfair portrayal, but if we do nothing to incite change we will never be better. Chinua Achebe said, “If you don’t like someone’s story, write your own”. This is what we have set out to do. In this documentary we hear from 15 Nigerian immigrants about their journey, and how they came to settle in the United States. We discuss life experiences, first impressions of the US, politics, family, religion, relationships, and hope for the future of Nigeria.


We chose Nigerians from a wide variety of backgrounds and with many different experiences of emigrating to the United States, from first and second generation immigrants, to those who have little to no connection to the community and culture their parent(s)  were a part of back home.

Rev. Dr. Femi Adebo

Professor of Theology at University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Adeyinka Adeoye


Tosan Aduayi

Publisher/CEO at Trendy Magazine, founder of Trendy Africa Magazine, TAMMAE, LGE, S.A.D, TEA, REEL, V2 and DIF.

Cynthia (Isoh) Jon-Ubabuco

Wife, mother & corporate attorney.

Eguaosa Iduwe

Son, brother, husband, father, Captain, United States Air Force.






From the beginning this was planned as a two-part film project. The next leg of this journey will take us back to Nigeria to capture the beauty and prominence of the country in a way that is seldom done. We are planning on taking a 5 member crew across Nigeria in 15 days.

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